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I have a question.

Did you field strip the gun before you shot it the first time?

Did you follow the instructions in the manual when you reassembled the gun?

If you did, you may have the recoil spring installed 180 out.

The manual is specific that the closed end of the recoil spring faces forward.

What that does is slow the slide down and will cause exactly the problems you are describing.

Mine did the same thing and a friend of mine at the range with the same gun was having the same problem.

I called Smith and Wesson and was informed the manual is incorrect. The closed end of the recoil spring goes on the guide rod first and is an interference fit.

My friend and I have had no failures since we installed the recoil spring that way.

You may have an extractor tension issue, but you might want to look at the recoil spring orientation to see if that is part of the problem.

Please get back with us and let us know what you find out.

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