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I have used Green Dot a scattered bit over many years. When you HAVE THE PROPER CHARGE, it seems to produce a fairly accurate and quite economical load. The very little bit I used it in .45 Auto worked so well under a lead bullet that I intend to try it again.

The big problem is that it meters like Unique in most equipment -- which is to say, it meters really crappy, like crushed oreo cookies.

And if using it in a small volume case like .380, where you need a small charge, you'll have to be really careful that you get the powder drop that you think, expect, or hope you are getting. If you get too light a charge, you will stick a bullet in your bore. Go ahead, ask me how I know!

It's my recommendation that you don't even use Green Dot, especially in a small volume case like .380. Unless an old Uncle gave you 10 pounds of the stuff, just treat yourself to something better for the role.
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