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thank you for your reply.
How can i tell if the cylinder was modded for 45 ACP?
I see many posts where these new service have been re-modified, I'm no gunsmith so i couldn't tell.

My grandfather in-law (whom i never met and passed away 4years ago)
was a skilled gunsmith.
Apparently do to old age he lost his smarts and ended up having to sell his inventory and shop.
This revolver that i own was his choice out of his inventory that he decided to keep.

The gun is in working condition, and i am going to have it prepared for use,
but i have read too many sources claiming the the New Service Revolvers can fire 45 ACP or Cannot fire 45 ACP ect,
and i am hoping that by all the markings on the gun, someone could tell if it has been modified.

Lastly, is there a website that has a legend of all military markings that i can cross reference with the ones on my revolver?

Thank you very much for your time and help.
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