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Took along

...A stainless ROA and a blued ROA, a Third Gen 1861 Navy and a Pietta 1860 Colt.

I have three Colt second and third gen pistols and I am disappointed in the performance of each. They are all very tight and after about two cylinders they get almost unmanagable. Hard to take apart for loading. Hard to put back together after loading. I am happy to have these pistols but I am about ready to turn them back into wall hangers.

The Pietta gave me a little trouble too. Three misfires in the first six shots. Successful discharge the second time around with no corrective action taken. Just recocked it and fired successfully. Number ten caps are a little tight but tens work on every other Pietta I own.

I am a better shot with the Blued ROA than the Stainless ROA. Better sight picture perhaps. The Stainless has a blued sight like the blued pistol but the bluing is begining to fade or wear onthe stainless. I did the magic marker trick today but did not shoot enough to know if it helped

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