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Natman, I've seen more than a few guns that developed rust and gook where every day run of the mill oil had a build up deposited in it's channels. I've even seen it happen to tools. I can't change what I've seen and that's just my experience.

I'll give you a great example of what oil can do. A friend of mine has a beautiful German Weatherby MKV .270. Back in the 60's he stuck a banded front sight on it for reasons I won't bother getting into. Around 10 years ago he attempted to remove it by himself and couldn't. He brought it to a gunsmith who did the job. He always oiled that gun, profusely, but for some strange reason rust formed near the edge and just barely under the band preventing it from sliding back off. Now his once mint condition rifle has a double ring around the collar. It's a mystery where that rust came from.

The items you're recommending is more than just oil. I think Hoppe's uses a much simpler formula for their oil. As a matter of fact read the adds that you've displayed. I think I saw something about man made and not petroleum based. I guess we can call anything oil today. I'm not that sophisticated and certainly haven't had much interest in keeping up with new products that pop up every day. I use what's worked very well for me over the years and haven't damaged a single gun yet.

Please cut me just a little slack on this. I use oil on my guns as well for lubricating moving parts and even wipe the entire gun down with just a very small amount. But if I'm going to store it away for a long period of time I'd use silicon. There's no way in hell I'd ever stick a $6000 Winchester Model21 away after wiping it down with just an oily rag for a very long time. I'm no scientist and certainly not an oil expert, so people can do whatever they want.
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