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Hammerhead said
"There are some other new 'Winchesters' out there that are not Miroku, so be careful what you buy."

IIRC, all 92s built since just before WWII with the "Winchester" name on them are Miroku--unless there were some earlier one-off or special editions I'm not aware of. One of those very odd mysteries. Arguably one of Winchester's best--if not "the" best--strongest and smoothest designs and actions ever, was never made again on these shores after 1940-41. It's true there are "reasons," primarily among them being with the advent of the 94 especially in .30-30 form, the shooting public became disinclined toward "pistol caliber" (cartridge length) levers. But that was long ago, doesn't entirely explain the .32-20 and .25-20 going by the wayside (except for growing magnumitis?), and Hollywood sure liked the 92s (for their availability and ability to use 5-in-1 blanks) throughout the 20th Century. The pistol caliber carbines have been making a come back ever since the 60s when the likes of the .357 and .44 Mag came onto their own, and then CAS started up in the 70s and 80s popularizing them further.
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