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I bought my Powder Springs MAC-10 back in 1986, when the Firearms Owners Protection Act was first proposed. I had always wanted a full auto weapon, but never got off of my butt and made the effort. I knew it was now or never back then, so I bought my NIB early Powder Springs Mac for $400.00 plus $200.00 transfer fee. I had a machinist make a modiifed mag release, that would allow me to use unmodified Grease Gun mags which were and still are cheap and readily available. I found a great deal on a ton of 1943 steel cased GI .45acp, which my gun simply loves, its never had a malfunction with the old GI ammo. I clean my gun extremely well after shooting the old corrossive stuff and my gun still looks brand new inside and out.

I used my MAC for a couple of years on our local PD's SWAT team, as an entry weapon, back in the late 80's. I chose it over our teams much larger, .223 Styer Augs. Because of its small size, for use in entries into mobile homes, with narrow hallways. On one mission I had a guy face down on his front porch at gun point with the MAC and he looked up and said that's a MAC-10 isn't it and I said yep, just lay still and everythings gonna be ok. Since I got off of the team, I haven't shot it more than once or twice in the past ten years, but it's a keeper and I'll die owning that gun.

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