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oldpapps asks me:
Was that 'tong in cheek'????
If not, you've got way too much time on your hands.
Please report your results.
No, 'twasn't toungue in cheek.

Is there some mandate, law, subdivision covenant or regulation limiting how much time one can have on their hands? I can just imagine the "Life Style Police" knocking on my door with their stopwatch locked at some illegal value then handing me a summons to show up in the "Court of Human Behaviour" an hour later. (TIC)

But I've heard folks say "I cut stick powder with my measure so I use ball powder!" (or words to that effect) for decades. Do they really damage those pieces of powder? Or are they just assuming they do 'cause they hear the powder crunch as the metering chamber closes on the powder column but don't hear it when using ball powder?

Personally, I think it's a myth. There's dozens of myths in the firearms industry and shooting sports. Most often they're dreamed up by consumers. Sometimes manufacturers pass them off as the truth in advertising and othe marketing claims.

I'm not going to inspect a bunch of extruded powder charges from my old Redding or RCBS measures. Nor will I inspect extruded powders in my 1 and 8 pound canisters that was thrown from large measures putting those weights of powder in containers for public use. Doesn't matter to me if some damage occurs from metering through a measure. I might check out some charges of W231 and W296 ball powder I use in my 9mm and .357 handguns; they're small enough to be worthwhile. I doubt the ball powder afficianados would believe me if I reported some damaged ball powder balls were seen. Photographs of them would have to be posted so all would see they don't survive intact going through powder measures.
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