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I have a story of my own. I was hunting deer with my uncle and his friend who is also a very good friend of mine as well. It was Friday night and we were sitting at camp telling stories. I was in the mood to get scared so i asked them if they had any stories. My uncle told me the story of how a very long time ago before the owners of the land we hunted on were even born, a battle was fought and every night on a full moon if you walked out on a certain road leaving camp and into the woods you could hear footsteps and see the ghosts of soldiers walking through the woods. I thought on it and dismissed it. Well the following Saturday morning at 5:00, we get up and go to the stands. Our friend is already up and in his stand before we know hes gone, didnt even hear him leave camp. My uncle's and my stand are about 50 to 100 yrds. away from each other on opposite sides of the road leading into either side of the woods. I walk to my stand and i hear footsteps. Knowing its probably my uncle trying to scare me i dismiss it. Less than halfway to my stand i felt a small tap on my shoulder. I flashed my flashlight and noone was there. In my stand i txtd him if he was following me, he said no and that hes been in his stand for at least 30 to 45 min. Knowing it wasnt our friend because he got up before us made me think. Since that day its given me chills when i thought about it. Still not sure if it was my imagination or not....
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