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that makes sense..i was offered 5k for it after a collector looked it up and compared it to his books..he said he had some contacts up north and basically had a standing offer for the gun and had it sold already..he was so fast to offer 5k i felt like he was going to double his money lol

he said the biggest thing with going by the book price is he waited 25 years to put his hands on a gun that was this true and complete and untouched that he doubted he would ever see another one yet alone one that was for sale.

i am torn between keeping it because i love it and think it is really incredible
and selling it to a collector that truly respects it and will treat it like it should be treated..i will hang it on my wall and my friends and family will see it and thats about it..that seems sad to me but i on the other hand would love to keep it in the family forever..
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