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Sometimes I read modern stuff. This is from the memoirs of Austro-Hungarian Navy U-boat commander Georg von Trapp. His family was the basis for The Sound of Music. They fled Austria rather than serve Hitler. The book is reprinted in English as, To the Last Salute. Enjoy.

The sailboats come in from the islands. Heavy, massive crafts that carry supplies, they bring sheep's cheese, fish, and schnapps, and their owners buy sugar, tobacco, and whatever else they need in town.

There is hardly any wind, and the boats must be rowed. The man sits at the helm and smokes; the woman stand to row the long, heavy oars. They also moor the boat and furl the sails. It's more or less like that in the Black Mountains. When the Montenegrins come to market at Cattaro, the man sues on the donkey; the wide runs alongside and carries the load.

One of the officers goes to see the man, who has sat down on the mooring post while the woman unloads the boat.

"And you? Do you do absolutely nothing whatsoever? Do you let the women do all the work?"

"Nothing? I sleep with my wife!"
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