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I take a hind leg of antelope,bone the round steak section out of it.Put the end grain of the big end down on a cutting board or clean countertop,and using a large razor sharp filet knife parrallel to the cutting board,make 1/4 in thin,or thinner "round steaks"

I lay them all out on a sterilized countertop,and,based on the weight of the meat,put the recomended amount of Morton Tender Quick curing salt in a shaker and uniformly apply it to both sides.Then I put it all in a bus tub or plastic dish pan for a couple of days in the fridge to cure.

The I take it out,spread it out on clean surface,and the seasoning I used was dried chipotle peppers,powderized in a coffee grinder.(its an interesting experience if you do not remember to clean the coffee grinder.)

Just a sprinkle and a little dry rub.

Then I use a barrel smoker to cool smoke it,no water pan,about 4 hours,till its a little leathery and smoke flavored.I finish it to dry in a food dehydrator.

I like all different kinds of jerky,but my intent on this stuff is about keeping qualities.The more seasoned up stuff tastes real good,but I was thinking the more moist teriyaki type stuff may not stay good as long.
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