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I was hog hunting a allmost dry creek bed that feed a swamp, Close to the end of the creek the banks got real steep about 12' or so when I started to smell hogs & could hear some grunting.

So I eased up to the curve in the creek where I could see big holes in the bank & hogs were backed into them about 6 or 7,There was a big white sow standing in the middle of the creek.Out of nowhere my so called BUDDY gut shot that sow and $#@* hit the fan,I had nowhere to go.I was hunting with a SBH 454 handgun & all those hogs flushed down that creek bank with me & My good buddy hauled tail & left Me with it.I shot 3 right quick the others ran right passed Me,Sling mud & raisen hell.Talk about scary it was about 2 hours to the nearest hospital.Dont know witch was worse the heart attack or that massive movement I had in my pants.
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