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Between the two calibers the .17HMR is going to be more accurate at distances out to 200 yds. The light bullet however is going to be more affected by wind than the .22wmr. The .22wmr has more impact power and would penetrated deeper (due to increased mass) but is less accurate out beyond 75yds.

Really for rabbit and raccoon I'd say either or is sufficient out to 200yds so long as you are a good shot. Personally I wouldn't take a shot on an animal with either beyond 100yds but that's just my personal limitation.

As for hogs I've dropped a 400lb. hog with a single shot to the head from a .17HMR pistol. Of course the hog was a domestic hog and was standing still as I walked up to it, put the muzzle of the pistol to the top of the hog's head and squeezed the trigger. Aside from that I seriously would question the ethics of anyone who shot an animal that size with either a .22WMR or a .17HMR in an actual hunting scenario.

So the answer to your question regarding your situation and particular uses - since you mentioned hogs too - an AR 15 in .223/5.56. If you were not going to be shooting hogs I'd go with the .22WMR personally - but I've always liked bigger slower bullets vs. lighter faster bullets.
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