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17 HMR vs 22 WMR For My Particular Uses?

To start off, my aim isn't to start WWIII. I've been researching the difference between these two calibers for a while now and am just stuck in between. I'm leaning a little towards the 22 WMR, but let's get started. My friend and I have been taking off to his deer lease lately and all we've really seen that we had interest in shooting were rabbits lately. I think we've seen two further than 200 yards, other than that, we're in small areas at a maximum range of 75 yards when rabbit hunting. He also has feeders and a deer stand and a few blinds. The distance from stand to feeder is right around 125 yards. If we're at that distance, we'll likely be shooting raccoons, coyotes and possibly small to medium sized hogs, and I know shot placement is key in these situations, however not as much when using a larger round such as the 22 WMR. I'm also aware that hog hunting is best done with a .223 or bigger but that's out of the question for now. Besides, I'm going for more power than a .22 lr to have a "just in case rifle" in the event that we stumble upon an animal like this. I'm mostly set on a savage model 93, the caliber is all I have left to decide. Basically, I'm looking for an all around rifle that will be a good carry weapon around areas like this. What're your guys' thoughts? Thanks for your help and sorry for the somewhat long and scatter-brained post
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