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Right after the decision was handed down, Maryland Shall Issue (MSI - A grass roots organization) suggested that those who could afford to lose the money, should immediately apply for their carry permits. This was an effort to either 1) force the State to process and/or 2) drop the States 90% approval rate, they have touted in more than one court case.

OK. So between the time that Judge Legg rendered his decision and then placed a temporary Stay on the decision, more than a few folks submitted their application for carry permits in MD.

Presumably, the State is now just sitting on those apps, to await a final determination by the CA4.

A new wrinkle has appeared.

Some folks have submitted their apps after the stay and their apps and checks were returned (uncashed), with a letter stating that the app wasn't processed because they failed to provide a "Good and Substantial Reason" on the application. A copy of one letter is here:

As is talked about, over at MDShooters, refusing to process a lawful application is a denial (a proof of providing a Live Scan of their fingerprints was required with that app. That cost everyone about $50 plus the permit fees. So the process was started, regardless). It is suggested that those folks in MD should do two things. 1) Keep their application alive via the administrative appeal process. 5-312, and 2) Send copies of the denial letter to Alan Gura (or at the least, provide this to MSI, so they can forward it to Gura).

I would suggest a third action. Make sure you are a member of SAF. They have standing in this matter. As a member of SAF, they will sue on your behalf. If you are not a member, they cannot help you.
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