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Win. 94 cartridge guide removal

Hi folks, 4/13/12

I inherited a Winchester 94 30-30 about forty years ago, originally made in 1946. It's finish is pretty worn down to bare metal in many places. I am planning on refinishing it so have detail stripped it down to its many small parts plus the barreled action and magazine tube. Two of the small parts that had to come out are the right and left cartridge guides held in place by small screws accessable only from the inside of the frame. I made a small screwdriver by filing and grinding the ends of an offset screwdriver which worked well, just a bit tedious.

So the big question which I could not find after internet searches and TFL and THR searches is- what screwdriving tool can I buy to make the job of removal and replacement easier? I emailed the same question to the guntech guys at Brownells but no answer yet.

I should be able to get it all back together as I used a number of internet disassembly instructions and wrote down each step and illustrated each step while doing the takedown (famous last words).

thanks- best wishes - oldandslow
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