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Silly looking back, but was very spooky at the time.

My buddy downed the second deer of the day at around sunset (30 mins left of legal light) and we dragged it back to where we were set up to butcher it. It got really dark real fast, and we were very close to where the gut pile of the deer I had shot that morning was. The area has lots of black bears and coyotes, so we were being nice and loud while we were working and did periodic sweeps with the flashlights while we skinned and processed the deer in to more manageable pieces. Every so often we would here rustles close by but couldn't for the life of us figure out where they were coming from. Then there was a big crash that came from the tree right next to the one we had the deer hung from. My friend and I dropped the knives we were skinning with, drew our back up pistols (our long guns were set down a few feet away) and hit the tree with our flashlights. Two big possums were about 10 feet up in the tree and clearly interested in what smelled so good . We had a good laugh and thought it was funny how skittish we were about it.
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