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Well I Bought a different box of ammo this evening, 180 Grain Seller and Bellot.
I took the Rifle out and shot close, determined that the Battle Sight is useless unless your only a few feet away, It puts the bullets in the dirt.
But with the flip up sight, It is accurate, or in my case accurate eneough.
I had to drift the front sight all the way to the left where its hanging out, and secure it with JB Weld, but now with 18 clicks up, from the sight bottomed out, I can put a very nice group dead center of a standard sheet of notebook paper with it at a Measured 130 Yards.
I measured that distance with a Bushnell Backtracker, and from the knealing resting the Jungle Carbine on a folded up Rifle Case, on top of a picknick tabel, knealing behind it, Honest to goodness Center of paper.
Its the best target I had, I taped it to a Political Sighn.
I hate that the sights are so far off, but now that I know how to set it and adjust the sights I love the way it shoots. the Other ammo I tried was Privi Partison 150 Grain Soft Points. The 180 works nicely.
Im gonna order a neck Sizing Die, and bullet seater, and make my own ammo for it. Its a neat little carbine. Thanks for all the help guys, Im a happy Camper now, Ive got the coolest looking shooter around, and dont have to feel guilty about enjoying it.

Oh other observations, with the Seller and Bellot ammo the recoil was not as fierce, and the rifle didnt seem to be as loud, I know its strange, but it was my perception. Ive never used SB ammo before, but now I like it. Also, the Rifle fed more reliably with the FMJ ammo than it did with Soft Points. Everything worked much better, and I am all happy now.

Madcrate Builder , Thanks for the Compliment, She is shooting stright now, The front sight looks a little funny but it works.

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