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jwrowland77: 9mm Winchester 115 FMJ RN. Primer: CCI 500. Winchester brass. OAL 1.165. Doing a work up of Unique 4.9-6.6.
Alliant Powder lists max load of Unique as 6.3gr for a 115gr GDHP with an OAL of 1.125

Lee 2nd edition lists Unique with a 115gr FMJ over a starting load of 5.1gr and a max load of 5.5gr with a COL of 1.12.

Personally I would work the load like this

start with 5.3gr with the 1.12 COL
5.3gr with 1.13 COL
5.3gr with 1.14 COL
5.3gr with 1.15 COL

5.4gr with 1.12 COL
5.4gr with 1.13 COL

I'd work up the load and COL till I get my desired results for recoil impulse, feeding/reliability and POA/POI.

I'd stay away from anything over 6.0 gr. But that's just one mans opinion, some here may have a different opinion or experience they can share.

Good luck with your first reloads!

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