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Mid morning in june, fishing trout on a shallow beaver dam with a buddy near our camp nothern Quebec, we both started on the same side of the pond, walking in the shallow water and fly casting.... I am familiar with the place and advise my friend few time to be careful since under water several slab of rock are very slippery, I no longer pay attention to him and walk around the perimeter of the pond near the woods one point just behaind me a major splash just like a person falling in the water, convinced is my buddy I was about telling him I told you is slippery....When I notice He is about 70 yards on the other side of the pond almost at 2 o'clock and he is moving his harms pointing and looking my way... with dropping jaws.!!!
By then I freeze...I know that wathever is in the water behaind me is big..and no idea of his intentions.. slowly, slowly, I turn my head and almost came face to face with a huge moose that is busy looking at my friend on the other side. Maybe the fact that I was full camo wearing a fly net over my head with wind on my favor he acted like if am not there... I stay still and few second later he went on reverse and exit the pond.
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