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Howdey m,

The metal trigger guard will not fit the VB stock. The VB plastic trigger guard is screwed on the stock. The Mark II trigger guard is recessed into the stock and if I remember correctly one of the action screws go through one of the trigger guard screw holes. On the VB the actions screws go through the stock and there are two wood screws holding the trigger guard on the stock. I’m pretty sure I remember that correctly.

Simple explanation: The Mark II “metal” magazine plate will work on the VB. The Mark II “metal” trigger guard will not. You’ll have to get the “plastic’ one. OR! You may be able to router out the VB stock to install the metal trigger guard. Can’t really say without having both stocks in front of me and my VB stock is in the rafters of my shop. Don’t worry it’s boxed up. I’m pretty sure it will work if you have a router or are good with a wood chisel.
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