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Good morning Jerry,

Thanks for the tip about the price of the stocks. I was thinking about buying both guns, swapping the actions and barrels, and selling the 2nd gun (which would be exactly the same as a factory 93R17 BTV, I think). Getting a replacement stock will be a lot less expensive than buying a 2nd gun.

I would prefer to have a metal trigger guard and magazine well plate. If I follow your recommendation to buy one gun and a replacement stock, what parts will I need? You said the Mark II BTVS (thumb hole) parts are metal; can I take the BTVS action screws, trigger guard and magazine well plate, and install them on the Boyd's / 93R17 BVSS stock? (I think you already answered this question in your previous post, but I didn't quite follow your descriptions.)

The Boyd's website says that the Savage Rimfire Hunter stocks are "finished". Will I have to do any fitting, sanding, oiling/lacquering or bedding?
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