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Having read the opening brief, I'm of the opinion that we are finally seeing what Alan Gura has been working up to.

If you were to read the opening brief and the reply brief in the Kachalsky (2nd Circuit) case, and then contrast those with this brief, you will see that all the points are made and highlighted.

This point is more apparent in the opening brief in Moore v. Madigan (7th Circuit).

I believe we will see much the same in the responding brief in the Woollard case (4th Circuit), when the final stages of dealing with the Stay is dealt with by Judge Legg. Note: We won in Woollard and MD has already filed for appeal. They will get first and last say in the briefing. Gura will only get a response.

What we are seeing is the same basic argument in three States (and three different circuit courts of appeal) that deny the right to carry, and hence the right to self defense. They will either create a circuit split, encouraging the Supreme Court to grant Cert or they will all agree with Gura and create a persuasive precedent the other circuits cannot avoid (are you listening 9th Circuit?).
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