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Scarry Coon Hunt

One night years ago I was out Coon hunting alone. I had two Hounds an older gyp named Jewel and a young Male named Chief. Both hounds were registered Black and Tan Coonhounds. Chief was just starting to hunt and would come back to me alot. Jewel struck a track way out in the distance, i had a dim light back then, i cut through a thicket to get to the creek botton where Jewel was trailing. As i walked through the little trail through the thicket i heard something walking beside me, it walked by me for a long way, i thought it was my young hound and i said Chief why dont you get out there and help her ? As soon as i said that I heard Chief open on track several hundred yards away from me, I stoppd in my tracks and heard something walk off into the brush. I still dont know what was walking next to me and get chills when I think about it.
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