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Can't seeem to find "quiet" food,

seems everything has noisy packaging, or crunches loudly when chewed.

Slim Jim's are pretty quiet, but expensive, and too small to get a full meal out of.

Even so, I usually take the double packaged Snickers, even though the wrappers are noisy.

Always have a hydration bladder on my back.

May make ham and cheese sandwiches, using potato rolls (more filling) as the "bread". Have to pack my mini-sandwiches in zip lock baggies - another noisy packaging.

Back at camp, I have a 16 quart cooler with iced down packages of ham, cheese, mustard in a squeeze bottle, and strawberry and peach jam (for breakfast).

In a small cardboard box, I have disposable plates, cups, and plastic utensils, along with bananas, honey in a squeeze bottle, and paper napkins, as well as one or more packages of potato rolls, and trail mix to which I have added mixed nuts. The trail mix is too noisy to eat while on stand, so I reserve it for my evening meal.

I usually hunt in 72 hour stretches, camping out, alone, in my compact pickup. I park in a campground which has port-a-potties, and cement tables. No need for a tent or other shelter, as I simply tilt back the bucket seat, spread my sleeping bag, and slip a horse shoe pillow around my neck, and catch some ZZZZ's until my battery powered alarm clock gets me up in time to be on stand an hour before first light.

Works for me!
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