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I was about 12 or 13 and checking trap lines in the 60's. The isolated lake was timbered on one side with the Platte river about 150 yards through the trees. I had walked the three miles into the lake along the rail road tracks on a dark and chill Nebraska winter morning.

My cousin, who was always with me was sick that morning and I had to walk the line alone. It's not right to not check a trap line. Animals suffer and many, like the muskrat we usually caught, chew off their legs at dawn.

I was walking on the timber side of the lake, almost to the end and back onto the tracks when I heard a loud shriek. My body froze in place and my mind worked overtime. I was more than scared and made my way to the tracks and back home in record time. I was later told by my older brother that it was probably a beaver. Their warning call can sound just like a woman shrieking.

He was right. I heard it many times after that. It always made my blood run cold.
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