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Yes I do but I’m not really interested in selling it. You can get one from Boyds for way less than Savage wants for one. Boyds makes the stocks for Savage so if you buy direct from Boyds you’re getting the same stock that comes on the Savage.

If you try a thumbhole stock I believe you’ll like it better than the sport stile stock. When I bought my 93R I didn’t think I’d like the thumbhole stock. Not long after I bought my wife a model 25 .223 with a thumbhole stock. After shooting it I bought one for my .17 HMR and my Remington 700. If you're going to be lugging it around the woods and fields the sport stock IS lighter.

All that is necessary to remove the action from the original stock is to remove the two action screws. Pull the action out of the original stock place it in the new stock and reinstall the two action screws.

If you are going from the 93R17BVSS to the thumbhole stock you need to buy a kit. It contains different mounting screws, trigger guard and mag well plate. You need the trigger guard and mag well plate but the screws (longer screws) are unnecessary. I found they were too long and I used my original screws. If you're going from thumbhole stock to 93R17BVSS you'll need the BVSS parts. BVSS trigger guard is plastic. The one for the thumbhole is metal.

If you have any other question just ask I’m glad to help. If you would like to talk to me direct drop me a PM and I’ll give you my cell #.
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