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this week

at the bench I loaded 200 rounds of 40 cal S&W 180 g round over 7.5 g AA#7 on my Lee turret press. to day i loaded 200 rounds of 9mm 124 g round over 5.5 g of AA #5,also last week I loaded 200 rounds of M1 Carbine 110 g round over 21.6 g of H110. I am retired I do 3 things shoot, reload and nap. I also have a Honey Do List as my wife calls it, I refere to it as roundtoit list. I'll do it when I get around to it because I wear the pants in my family and have my wife permission to say so.
Finch, I don't like guns. Reese, Me either but if someone has to have guns I'd rather it be me. (Person of Interest).
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