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The take away for me - or what I'd hope the take away would be in general, as I felt this way before - is that:
1) carrying a gun does not make you a police officer, and
2) there is, and should be, a difference between "stand your ground" and "follow and confront".

I agree entirely with the idea that - for a civilian - a gun is a tool to get you out of a bad situation, not a tool to allow you to walk into one.

I also agree with the idea that those gun owners that do see themselves as some sort of modern vigilantes do far more harm than good to the gun rights cause. It's always aggravating to agree on any issue with a moron.

Lastly - and I should have been more careful to copy names to cite - I agree with the poster that said he's been purposefully less aggressive since carrying. I've noticed the same thing. When I'm armed I make sure to be as non confrontational as possible. Most stand your ground protections - as well as any moral high ground - go out the window if you escalate a confrontation.
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