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Certainly, we can learn that as a home owners association member myself with some recent break ins, we are looking at setting up a neighborhood watch as well. I will be sure to have rules and regulations in the neighborhood watch that make an observation only watch even though many carry up in that part of Idaho. The way law suits go, I don't want to have to cough up thousands of dollars for some creep or his family if some sort of incident were to occur.

On the other hand, they are now targeting what had been a very nice and safe neighborhood and we need to respond in some manner to their provocation. They recently broke into 4-5 RVs and a few houses unoccupied in the winter months. First time that has happened in this well established neighborhood.

But following and confronting folks just seems like the wrong way to handle your CCW privileges in my opinion, not withstanding what is not known about the Florida case, but just in general.
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