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I was hunting on some private land that our club leased near an old church. I had walked between the graveyard and the church to get to my stand well before daylight.

While sitting comfortably in the stand, I noticed a light moving through the woods and I figured it must be another hunter. There were some new guys in the club and one of them must have gotten lost on the way to his stand. After watching the light for a few minutes, I noticed it went out not far away. I could hear a whining noise from time to time where the light had disappeared from the lost hunter. I hunted the morning without seeing any deer and then I climbed down and headed over to the last place I saw the light so I could lead the lost hunter back to the camp.

When I got the place where the light had gone out, instead of finding a lost hunter, there was an old grave that was sixty or so yards from the others in the graveyard. A small stone in the shape of a lamb sat on top of the grave.

When I got back to the camp, I discovered the new guys weren't lost. After I told them this story, no one ever slipped into that stand of mine and hunted it. : )
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