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The year I first started hunting (around 1994) I was sent through a large block of pines by my hunting buddies in an effort to flush out deer they believed to be bedding down there. My thinking was that I could pretty much walk a straight line to the other end but was I wrong. I ended up getting lost and eventually walked into a old house about 300 yards in. That scared the heck outta me because of the deep well that was surely some where on the property. I started looking for old roads or paths that led to the house but it was obvious that no one had been back there for a long time. To make a long story short I walked around in the woods for about a hour and a half trying hard to maintain my composure. I finally heard a vehicle in the distance and walked in that direction. I eventually found my way out and ended up about a mile away from where I first went in the pines.
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