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NYC banned all assault rifles, period. As a matter of fact those who had them registered were told to get rid of them and had to show a receipt from a gun store as proof that it was disposed of. If it wasn't done then your license would be revoked and all guns would have to be surrendered.

What's OK in the rest of the state is ignored by NYC. They won't even recognize carry permits issued outside the city unless you're a retired PO from within the state, or if they authorized carrying in the city themselves. You can't even order ammo through the mail like you can throughout the state.

Call police HQ at 1 Police Plaza. I'm retired many years, but I think the number was 212 374-5000. Ask them who you can speak to regarding long guns. I don't think pistol license section handles that. As a matter of fact there has to be a phone# you can call on the application. This forum has many knowledgeable people on it, but is not the place to get the answers you need. When it comes to guns Bloomberg and Kelly aren't fooling around.

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