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Question about NY City and NY State AWB.

Just wanted to know, is the NY City and NY State AWB the same law or are they seperate?

For instance all the talk about owning rifles in NYS says that as long as it has only 2 evil features it's not an AW. And if it doesn't have a removable mag, then you get all the evil features you want.

However, looking at the NYPD (NYC) application for a rifle permit, it outlines the AWB and basically says that a semi-automatic rifle with even one of ANY evil feature makes it an AW, and does not mention any sort of fixed mag exemption. So even with a bullet button, your totally harmless Mini-14 Ranch Rifle would be illegal in the City if you put just a bayonet lug on it.

Also it bans many guns by name, regardless of evil features. In that list it says "ALL AK-47s & All AR-15s" However what about a Saiga? It's based on an AK action, but nowhere on the gun is it labeled an "AK-47". Not to mention that if it's a 5.45 or a 5.56 Saiga, then it's not even a "47" Also pretty much everyone other than Colt label their guns something other than "AR-15" like "Panther" or M&P-15, etc. So would this technicality work in the city sort of how it does in Cali where "Colt AR-15s" are banned but the same exact rifle from DPMS or Bushmaster would be OK since it's not a "Colt" or an "AR-15".

Just curious really.
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