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My housegun and my ccw are normally in the same room, side by side. Anything else in stored in the safe. Every doorway into my home has a glass and bar outter door and hardwood inner door. I feel confident that is someone is trying to get in and they will get it, I have time enough to get the housegun and plant myself for defense.

I am not one of these people who have guns in the cabinets, under the sink in each bathroom and hidden in light fixtures. If ninjas suddenly appear, I gu ess I am doomed.

I dont really follow the idea that a safe is not a safe... A safe is a safe, no matter if someone can eventually get into it or not. Its all about time, and good security is built upon layers. Good exterior doors and frames, alarm, dogs, nosey neighbors, good lighting and lights on timers, cameras and signage, car in the driveway and alert occupants. Its all about making the next house look easier than yours. That may sound rude but thats how it is.
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