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As to guns scattered all over the house.

It's quite comforting to know when my grandkids bring their buddies to Grandpa's house, that try as they may, they can't get into my gun safe.

Young children do have a tendency to get into and find things they shouldn't.

It's a great fear of mind that some child would be injured because he found one of my guns I thought was hidden.

As to home invasions: It seems that one will never know what he/she is doing or where he is when some bandit kicks in the door. Are you setting on the couch watching TV, are you in the kitchen making a sandwich, are you setting at the desk doing taxes????

Just how many guns do you need to scatter about the house to be prepared????

I think one, that being in my pocket. If I'm in the shower my pants are hanging on a peg next to the towels, if I'm napping, my pants are on the bedpost.

As to "If I have to carry around the house I'd move";

That's living in dream land. Where are you going to move where there isn't any home invasions?????

I'm an old dude, lots of old people scattered across the country. Old dudes (including me) seem to have meds so they can get older. Dopers know old people have meds, dopers kick in doors to find meds.

My daughter lives in a gated community. She's not old, but she's listed as a doctor. Granted she's a chiropractor and chiropractors don't normally keep meds but dopers don't know that, Dopers assume Doctors have meds.

I live in a rural area, pretty safe, doubt anyone is going to kick in my door, but there is still times I'm glad I carry constantly, I've whacked rattlers under my steps, I've whacked coyotes trying to eat my chickens, I've shot dogs chasing my horses.

We do have an honor farm not too far from here. Sometimes they get "walk a ways". If one comes to my house, they are going to find all my guns in a gun safe that I doubt they are smart enough to get into.

Still my biggest fear is some child finding one of my guns and getting hurt.

No sir, no guns scattered about my place. If nothing else, it makes me feel better, that alone is well worth the price of the safe.
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