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Don't do purse carry... please.

Here is a case where a Detroit woman shot and killed 1 of 4 home invaders, but because she had a gun in her purse, and left her purse downstairs, she inadvertantly armed the intruders
One time, in band camp... One of my friends was leaving my apartment after having dinner with me and a bunch of friends. She had her purse snatched while on my side walk out front as she was leaving. She chased the snatcher; I chased her; 2 other punks who were hiding in the bushes chased me. She caught him. We ended up in a 5 up street fight. She got into a tugging match over the purse. It exploded all over the street. 90 secs later after a broken bottle, a swinging belt, a lot of people watching and my crippled Nigerian roommate coming to the rescue waving his crutches, and some distant sirens, the thugs left.
She told me later that her dad gave her a pistol to carry in her purse... If that had been in there when that purse dumped all over the street, I don't think that even the younger, faster me would have ever beaten 3 punks to it.

If it's not on you; it's not in your control. my 2c.
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