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2 of the many reasons I don't...
1 - If I feel that I need to be armed in my own home, I'm moving.
2 - Why do I want to have a holster on under my pajamas? That's a bit uncomfortable

I have guns stored around the house, but mainly one on the 1st floor and one on the 2nd.
3 - If you're married or have a "pre-wife" living with you that does not go to bed when you do, what does she do when she's sitting in the living room across the house and you are in the bedroom, sleeping, with the gun?

4 - See above for other member of the house, and again, what does she do when you leave for work in the morning and she's still in bed and you have the gun?

I guess in both of the above situations you both could be carrying (although you'd have to get her to get her permit, which trying to get a woman to do what you want is...well impossible. haha) but I think it goes back to point #1. If I feel either or both of us needed to be armed in the house, I'm moving. The weapons I have "stashed" are few and in what I consider a normal place. ie. in the night stand.
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