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I think it's better to have one gun and keep it with you than to have 2 guns and give one of them to your attackers...
Putting a gun where the location is known only to me isn't exactly giving a gun to an attacker. Of course, if you're oblivious to an intruder rumaging around your house for as long as he likes, he might find the gun.

In this woman's case, the gun in the purse was likely irrelevent. She was alone with three males with evil on their minds. Robbing her was the nicest thing they were going to do. Those who prefer the gun on their person while at home might serve as good examples for her in the future. Doubt that her neighborhood is going to get safer anytime soon.

I don't know why we need to argue about the subject, since having access to another weapon is just a matter of personal choice, dictated by our family situations. It's not appropriate to have loaded guns stashed in every household. On the other hand, a small quick access safe would make sense in most homes for guns in different loctions, or just one gun.

But not as good as the gun on your person all the time.

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