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10/22 ammo accuracy test

Recently bought a Carbine 10/22 18.5 inch stainless-synthetic model. This was sometime in january. I thought, after having so much affordable fun with the 22/45 pistol why not get a 10/22 for squirrels and jacks up north. Last gun show I'd gone to, I decided to save and ended up buying a few packs of various rounds. However when it came to bulking for the year- I spent 180 bucks for 5250 rds of CCI Blazer.

They actually work very well in my ruger pistol. On that note I've never gotten a dud to this day from CCI ammo.

Any ways I decided to run some tests- to see what my Ruger 10/22 liked the most. The rifle so far is all stock( no mods, except a compact 40 dollar Nc Star "2.5 x 30" scope) Rifle was rested, and I've had over 1000 rounds down the pipe to nicely break the rifle in.

Distance was 50 yards for 4 types of ammo

I felt that most budget/ non target .22lr rifles are 50 yard tools in the field, so this would be a good distance.:

1. CCI Blzr LRN/ rated 1235fps

2. CCI minmag-copperwashed RN/ rated 1235fps

3. CCI velocitor- copper washed HP/ rated 1430fps

4. Remington Viper- copper washed truncated -rated 1350 fps

I've really had good luck with CCI and their sure-fire priming- some of the other bulk ammo I used in the past just doesn't perform 100% So I guess the test will compose more of what velocities are of optimum peformance with the 10/22

Take a look at the pics and see for yourself-( 10 shot group with each ammo.) 5 rounds of each ammo shot to acclimate the barrel to that ammo before the 10 shot group was started:

As you can see- CCI Blazer normal high velocity did the best in this test with the first group at just an inch and a sub group on the bottom( if ya took ou the flyers- at a surprising .5 inch.

Biggest group which wasn't suprising was the Remington Viper hyper veloc. ammo. at Over " 3 inches"- very bad spread. The "Velocitors" didn't do as well as I expected either, with a grouping of 1 and 3/4 inches.

What I got most out of this was that the Higher velocities expand groupings. Bet if I used CCI standard or subsonic, I might even shrink the group a tad.

I recommend the CCI Blazers for the price-( 15 bucks a brick!).

Last pic is best groups so far to this day, done with the blazr ammo( at 25 & 50 yards) Besides the cheap Nc Star scope- This is my analysis on the accuracy level you can expect from a stock 10/22 carbine....Happy .22lr shootin....

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