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Lots of public land opportunities here in NE Fl. Not that it is easy to get used to the rules and regulations but if you work at it, between the quota hunts and the open WMAs you can almost always find a way to be in the woods.

Start looking at the FWC website and getting familiar with the opportunities that are there. In general the FWC is really good about posting the how, when and where of applying.

On top of that if you are in West/NW Duval county you will be not to long a ride from the Georgia line which opens up a lot of other opportunities.

Finally, you will be living in a part of the state with some of the lower cost private hunting clubs. Lots of land gets let at 5-9 dollars a acre in this area, which is less than half of what it is in South Fl.

And a piece of advice......start researching insect repelents and snake will want both......the repellent more than the boots most times.
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