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In the last 2.5 years I have taken 5 Gun Fighting Courses. One was local to where I live and the other 4 were travel to by car. I have done Force on Force and shooting from my car at multiple targets. No one school has all of the answers, but each one can give you many parts of the puzzle from which you can draw on when that time comes. At 64YO I have been the oldest in 3 of the 5 courses. Having shot competition for the last 22 years (USPSA), I do shoot fairly well. My last course 2 weeks ago was a High Intensity Course that had many shooting positions in it that I had not done before. The schools way out west are a bit out of my ability to get there, get ammo there, and stay in a Hotel. Those that I can drive to and from I will continue to attend.

Good Luck in the courses you select and take a variety of them.
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