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pistol coming off safety with IWB carry

Has this happened to anyone else? I have a Kimber 1911 with a moderately stiff safety.

I’m shifting from one of those people who didn't have one in the chamber to cocked and locked. Normal carry is via either a simple Galco slider or a much more expensive IWB rig that completely covers the safety and top part of the pistol (including hammer to protect form moisture I think and be more comfortable). Both rigs are made for the specific Kimber model. On windy days or more dressy wear the IWB is called for.

Anyway, after seeing multiple discussions and children getting older, I decided to try for cocked and locked format. As an interim to get comfortable I had it cocked and locked (condition 1?) but no round in the chamber for a week to prove to myself that the thing wouldn't go off. That went well with the Galco, so shifted to full condition 1. Galco is great. However with the IWB, twice the Kimber has come off the manual safety. I didn't freak because its a quality holster on the trigger parts, and of course the grip safety, but it surprised me.

Has this happened to other people? Is this common? I'm not saying I am going back but its a definite surprise.
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