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Having said that, when you pop open the (new wow high techie looking) NRA website there's Glenn Beck and Oliver North.
Glenn Beck????

Not seeing a lot of Democrats at the Leadership Forum
"Leadership Forum with featured speakers
Did it ever occur to you that perhaps prominent pro-2A Democrats are simply rare? While there are certainly exceptions, including members of this very forum, it is undeniable that anti's, more often than not, have the letter "D" next to their name when they run for public office. Unfortunately, a list of most of the prominent Democrats in national politics reads much like a "who's who" of gun control supporters including former President Clinton, Sen. Feinstein, Sen Schumer, Sen. Kerry, the late Sen. Kennedy, Rep. McCarthy, Rep. Boxer, and Rep. Pelosi. Also, all three of the most historically significant federal gun control laws were passed under Democrat Administrations: '34 NFA (Roosevelt), '68 GCA (Johnson), and '94 AWB (Clinton).

When there is a pro-gun Democrat, the NRA does not hesitate to support them as was the case with both of the politicians that I cited in my previous post. Likewise, when a Republican supports gun control, the NRA doesn't hesitate to fiercely oppose him. For example, the NRA is quite critical of Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R-NYC) and witheld their endorsement for former President George W. Bush's re-election campaign until after the '94 AWB had failed to be renewed (to be fair, Bush was luke-warm at best on 2A but he was still much better on the issue than his opponent, Sen. Kerry, was). However, the fact remains that pro-gun Democrats are, and have been for decades, the minority within their chosen party.
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