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Trust and Form 1, please help me

Please help with a Form 1 for an SBR SCAR 16S

Hi all,

I am going to submit a Form 1 for my SCAR 16S to be shortened. I downloaded the form and had a couple of questions after reviewing it that I was hoping that I could get some help with. I already have an Advanced Armament M4/2000 can for it that I acquired through a Trust that i set up. On the Form 1: Section 2; Individual, Corporation or Other Business Entity, Government Entity: (Do I check Individual or Other Business Entity if I will be using a Trust?)

Section 3b; Applicant's Name and Address: (Would this be my Name or the Name of the Trust?)

Section 4b; Type of Firearm to be made: (Would Short barrel rifle/carbine be acceptable?)

Section 4e; Length inches, Of Barrel, Overall: (I am looking for recommendations of length if I chop the barrel and information on what lengths FN will offer so I can select a length that will allow me to go either way once I get my stamp, assuming that FN has barrels for sale by that time). Basically they are looking for the length of the barrel that I will be shortening it to and what the overall length of the SCAR will become after it is shortened?

Section 4h; Identify data that will appear on Firearm; (Are they looking for what will be engraved on the receiver?) What info does need to be engraved on the receiver, is it just my Name, City and State?)

Section 4i; State why I intend to make the firearm; (What would be an acceptable answer?)

Section 4j; Is the firearm being reactivated?; (Is it okay to leave blank or put Not applicable?)

Section 8; (I am assuming that If I sign section 7 that in my situation Section 8 is not applicable, but not sure since this would be a Trust).

Section 13; This is not required since a Trust is being used, correct?

Thanks so much and sorry for all the questions. I just want to do it right the first time, as the wait is so long as it is I don't want it bounced back after months of waiting requiring something to be fixed on the form.
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