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I have a S&W Chief Special .45. Thought about trading, but have grown really attached, and some other members here helped me realize how great this gun is. I carry it every day, all day. I could forget my wallet, keys and wife before I forget my gun. Now that being said, I picked up a "Sticky Holster" when I purchased the gun. It is not a bad holster, but when you carry constantly, they wear out very quickly. I know they have a lifetime warranty, but I want something better. I have looked at Galco, Fobus, and a few others, but every time I do research, it is always the same, they just don't fit the CS45 correct. Generally too long. Any help would be appreciated. I want a good quality holster, that I will not have to take out a second mortgage to buy. ALSO I LIVE IN FLORIDA. Very hot and humid. I carry EVERYWHERE I legally can.
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