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... is security (e.g. embedded viruses) a factor?
A factor in why members can't upload pictures directly to TFL? I already stated that members can do so and provided instructions. Since members CAN upload pictures directly to TFL, it's not possible to provide any meaningful answer to a question that assumes it's not allowed.

Ok, let's start again with your first question.
I'm just wondering... why do almost all forums use the [IMG]<image URL>[/IMG] process for posting images into a message, which requires first uploading it to an online database like Photobucket, instead of just using a browse button and uploading it straight from your computer?
Use of the [IMG] tags does not have anything to do with whether or not the use of a third party image hosting site is required or not. TFL uses the IMG tags but still allows direct upload of images (subject to certain size and format constraints).
The latter is so much quicker and simpler, but you almost never see it.
You see it here at TFL.
but pictures need to be taken IN THE HIGHEST RESOLUTION possible for best results
For properly sized images, that don't need to provide zoom/enlargement capability, 150dpi is more than sufficient. Higher resolution than that is necessary if you wish to provide hardcopy prints or zoom/enlargment, but for simple display, anything more than that is overkill.
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