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Impact Seal reactive targets

It's no secret that shooting reactive targets is more fun than punching paper. But, the disadvantage is always needing to walk downrange and reset. This, or course, can be eliminated by using metal spinners, gongs and such. The disadvantage then becomes increased dangers of riccochets, cost, and weight of transport.

I been using two Impact Seal bouncing reactive targets and thought I'd share my review.

I've had the 5" cube target for a few months, and it has taken in excess of 1000 impacts from many rifle and pistol calibers, from .22 rimfire to .30-06 (mostly 5.56 and 7.62NATO.)

The 5" spherical target was purchased yesterday and digested about 700 hits from .22 rimfire and a few dozen 5.56mm hits today.

While the round one is still quite new, if it holds up as well as the cube, I'll be quite satisfied. I'm suprised at how durable these targets are.

The round target is more fun when shooting smaller calibers, since it moves around more than the cube. A solid hit with a 5.56 will roll it several yards, a .22 hit will roll it back a few inches.
However, the cube target seems to enjoy being hit by big slow bullets (think service caliber pistols.) A good hit with my .40 cal will flip it over a few times.

The other nice thing is that the reaction also informs you of your hit placement on the target. Hitting dead cneter will make it roll straight back, while glancing hits will make it hop off to the opposite side.
The game I played today with the round target was to toss it out about 20 yards, insert a 25 round mag into the 10/22, and see if I could shoot and hit it fast enough to keep it rolling as far as I could.

Overall, I'm really quite pleased with these targets. They are great fun, don't require me to keep resetting, and absorb alot of punishment. And for $25 a piece, they have already paid for themselves in smiles.
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