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Madcrate Builder,

I took a few pictures and uploaded them on Photobucket, but for some reason when I go to copy them my old computer bogs down, I may have to reboot. I will keep trying, the rifle is great shape.
The people at Cabellas were very helpfull, and assured me, that if this rifle does not work properly they will repair it.
I went through a pile of rifles but I couldnt put this one down.
I believe this one is a cut down long rifle, The Rubber kick pad is well fitted with a metal frame around the outter edges.
I have a feeling that this may end up being a favorite.
The Metal is in what I believe NRA would grade 90% and the wood looks new.
The whole rifle looks new, with minimal handeling wear, a few very slight dings in the stock you need good light to see, the wood has a nice reddish color and the metal has a black parkerized look about it, except for the magazine, it apears to be blued with some old shallow pitting. where the safety hinges it has a plumb color. I may have paid too much for it at $400 but I just had to have it.

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